Phil Ivey Bio

The Big Game

Nestled away in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio sits Table 1. The world’s greatest players have gathered again for a long session of high-stakes action.

Welcome to the Big Game.

Phil Ivey takes his seat at a table full of familiar faces: Doyle, Jen, Barry, Johnny and Sammy. We’re playing an 8-game mix, stakes of $4K/$8K.

Fortunes have been won and lost at this table. The ghosts of busted billionaires roam the halls looking for their chip and a chair. Upswings as big as $2 million are known to take place here; downswings of $2 million are much more common.

When he’s not playing a tournament, this is where you’ll find him. When he’s not out golfing or spending time with his wife, this is where you’ll find him. The game is big, but not too big for Mr. Ivey.

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