Phil Ivey Bio

The Corporation

It is February, 2006.

Phil Ivey sits in a roped off section at the Wynn across the table from Texas billionaire Andy Beal. The game is Limit Hold ‘em. The stakes are an astronomical $50K/$100K. This match makes the Big Game look like child’s play.

Beal has challenged a group of the world’s best poker players, collectively known as “The Corporation,” to a series of super high-stakes heads-up matches. A similar session in 2004 ended with Beal quitting poker and vowing never to return after being humbled by the pros. Now he’s back and ready for another round of action.

“The Corporation” includes such poker luminaries as Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan and Jen Harman. Each player in “The Corporation” gets their chance to take on Beal one on one. A session earlier in the month reportedly ended with Beal up a whopping $10 million, proving that he’s no fish. But none of the players Beal faced in that session were named Phil Ivey.

For this session, “The Corporation” puts their cleanup hitter at the plate. Three men on. Two men out. Our next batter: Phil Ivey.

The first night, Ivey takes Beal for about $2 million. The next night he’s up to $4.6 million. By the end of the third night, Ivey is reportedly up $16.6 million on Beal.

At the end of the match, Beal quits poker and vows to never return. He has yet to resurface in the poker world.

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