Phil Ivey Bio

The Summer of Phil

It is June, 2002.

Phil Ivey is dominating the World Series of Poker. He has already won the second and third bracelets of his career, taking down Event #5 for more than $130K and Event #16 for over $115K. Now he’s got his gaze fixed on his third bracelet of the summer.

The final table of Event #23 is under way. It is a mixed games tournament consisting of Stud Hi, Hold ‘em, Omaha Hi/Lo and Stud Hi/Lo, also known as SHOE. Phil is not making life easy for his fellow players, including 2000 World Champion Chris Ferguson and “Tilt Boy” Perry Friedman.

It doesn’t matter what game they’re playing, Phil is catching all the cards and scooping all the pots. The WSOP has seen many players run hot, but right now Ivey is scorching like no one else in poker history. He eliminates half the table, including Ferguson and Friedman.

We’re down to heads-up play. Diego “D-Train” Cordovez sits across from Ivey, staring at a 2-to-5 chip disadvantage. The “D-Train” can’t catch a break today; Phil simply has the Midas touch. Diego turns over top pair, Ivey turns over top two. Diego makes a straight on the turn, Phil rivers a flush.

Finally, Cordovez is all in and in need of help. Phil makes a pair, Diego can’t make a thing. Heads-up play is over as quickly as it started.

Ivey has his third bracelet of the summer and his name in the record books next to Phil Hellmuth and Ted Forrest for most wins in a single year.

Although he is only 25 years old at the time of this accomplishment, Ivey is now considered one of the top players in the game by his peers.

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