Phil Ivey Bio

Close, but no Cigar

He owns seven World Series of Poker bracelets, tied for 6th most in history. He is the youngest player ever to win seven bracelets. Other than Johnny Moss, no player has ever accumulated this many bracelets so quickly.

But something is missing. Phil Ivey has come close to the final table of the Main Event many times. A 23rd place finish in 2002. A 20th place finish in 2005. And one of the toughest beats in WSOP history:

It is July, 2003.

There are 10 players left in the WSOP Main Event. The next player eliminated misses the cut for the final table. Ivey looks down to find pocket 9s in his hand.

A hotshot online qualifier named Chris Moneymaker raises pre-flop. Ivey smooth calls, as does the player to his left. The flop comes Q-6-Q. Moneymaker bets out, but it’s a small, suspicious bet. Phil calls, the player to his left mucks. The turn is a 9 – Ivey makes his boat.

Moneymaker bets out again. Ivey pushes all in. Moneymaker snap calls and flips over A-Q for trips. Ivey shows his 9s and Moneymaker goes pale. Poker is not a game for the faint of heart. Ivey just needs to dodge an Ace, Queen or 6 on the river, and he’ll be in great shape for a run at the World Championship.

The river is an Ace.

The $1.6 Million Dollar Man