Phil Ivey Bio

The November Nine

It is July, 2009.

There are 10 players left in the WSOP Main Event. The next player eliminated misses the cut for the final table. Phil Ivey’s once healthy stack is looking a little light, but he’s hanging on tight.

Phil has been playing some of the best poker of his life during the 2009 Series. The two bracelets he has already won are nice, but what he’s really looking for is his spot at the Main Event final table. He has come too far, fought too hard, played too well.

Is he thinking about 2003? Do visions of Chris Moneymaker spiking that Ace on the river flash through his mind?

Before those questions can even be answered, it’s all over. Jordan Smith runs his pocket rockets into chip leader Darvin Moon’s set of 8s and is eliminated in 10th place. The final table is set. Phil Ivey will be returning in four months time to take his place amongst the so-called “November Nine” to play for poker’s ultimate title – WSOP Main Event Champion.

When the final table reconvened in November, Phil Ivey played the calculated aggressive game expected by pros and fans alike. As one of the small stacks at the table, he made bold moves in an effort to claim his third bracelet of the series and his first Main Event Title. Unfortunately, after being dealt AK under the gun, Ivey moved all in only to be called by an opponent with AQ. Following a Queen on the flop, Ivey’s hand failed to improve and his tournament was ended.