Phil Ivey Bio

The Digital Felt

What makes Phil Ivey the best all-around player in the world? Is it his sterling record in tournament play? Is it his absolute domination of the live cash games? Yes and yes. But there’s more…

Ivey is arguably the best online ring game player in the world. And when you talk about best all-around player these days, online play has to be taken into consideration. Since Full Tilt Poker was born in 2004, millions upon millions of dollars have changed hands in the high-stakes games.

It is October, 2008.

Ivey sits at a 6-Max table called RailHeaven on Full Tilt Poker. The game is No-Limit Hold ‘em. The stakes are $500/$1000 – the highest offered online. Phil has just over $340K in front of him, with fellow Team Full Tilt member John Juanda and high-stakes sensations durrrr and Urindanger at his table. One of the biggest pots in online poker history is about to unfold.

Juanda raises from early position. Ivey is in the cut-off and re-raises, only to be raised again by JJ. Ivey flat calls – there is already more than $100K in the pot.

The flop comes A-5-T with two spades. Ivey checks, JJ bets the pot and Phil check-shoves all in. Phil shows a set of tens, Juanda shows the nut-flush draw. The turn and river are spade free; Ivey’s set holds up.

Phil wins a nearly $700K pot.

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